What is El Capitan and How to download

Today’s topic is all about El Capitan and how you could download El Capitan. Through this chapter, you are going to learn everything on El Capitan and how to download El Capitan.

The El Capitan is the newest version of the OS X. The OS X is suitable for all Mac computers. Mac computers are the desktop’s that belong to the Apple Inc. The El Capitan works perfectly well on Macintosh computers.

The El Capitan is the advanced version of the OS X Yosemite. The El Capitan download is based on few features such as performance, stability, and security. The term El Capitan was introduced based on a rock formation, which is found in the Yosemite National Park.

This new update has come with advanced features and will give you a great experience. The name El Capitan is used by the Apple to market the OS X version 10.11. It is the latest update for your Mac’s system software. El Capitan will run on your device if it is compatible with Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), or the Mountain Lion (10.8). Getting the El Capitan from the Mac App Store is possible.

More about Integrity Protection feature

The feature that is most interesting and that is available on El Capitan is the System Integrity Protection feature. This feature prevents malware from attacking your Mac. The El Capitan also has a Split View feature. This feature will allow the user to display two apps side by side.

This feature works by clicking and holding on the green plus or maximize button, which appears on the window’s title bar. There is another unique feature that comes in the El Capitan, which is the Mission Control feature. With this feature, it is easy for you to organize and present your open windows. Download El Capitan to enjoy these features. It is if only if you download El Capitan that you would be able to enjoy all these features.

Other Features

The other feature that comes with the El Capitan is Safari. Pinned Sites are available on Safari. Some of the advantages are that it makes enhancements using the Mission Control feature and expands the Spotlight functionality. The other feature is that it has several optimizations in the mails feature. The download El Capitan is best for the Mac users, and they will be happy to use this new application. You could get this download El Capitan free, and you will find it interesting as it encourages multitasking. The El Capitan also brings an improved user experience. If you want to place your hands on all these features, you will have to download El Capitan simply.

Getting prepared

Here is how you could get ready if you want to enjoy the El Capitan on your device. Before moving onto the important steps in the procedure of downloading the El Capitan, you will have to pay attention to homework. The initial step that you will have to proceed with is that you should make sure that your device has hardware that will be compatible with the older versions of OS X.Next, you have to see to the health of your Mac and then upgrade your device by installing updates. Next, before you carry on with any of the proceedings, you will have to be sure that you have backups of all the essential information on your device. You will also have to be mindful of encryption issues.

How to download El Capitan?

After you get prepared, then comes the important steps regarding how you could download the El Capitan. You could get it free from the App Store of Apple. The download will be over 6GB. If your Internet connection is very strong, you could easily download El Capitan on your device.

So here are the steps:

First, launch the App Store app in your Applications folder and make way to download El Capitan. You could easily find it by going to launch under the Apple menu and next to the App Store. You will find the El Capitan under the free section, and you will merely have to click on its download button. Sometimes it would request for your Apple ID name and password. Do so as required and get the installer ready for your device. Now you will see that the installer is ready for your device. The installer will then automatically launch on your device. For future use copy, the installer, by holding down the option key and dragging the Install OS X El Capitan app, which is in your Applications folder to the destination that you want to get it copied.

Installing El Capitan

After the installer launches, you will see a continue option appearing. Next, you will have to agree and conform to the license agreement that appears. The next is that you will be asked for a disk to copy the El Capitan installation. Select the best option and next click Install. You will have to enter the username and password to continue with the installation procedure. Your mac will restart to proceed with the installation procedure. The installation procedure will be successful after few minutes.

After the installation is finished once again, your Mac will restart, and then you will have to log into the application with your username and password.

How could you do a clean install of El Capitan?

You could proceed with a clean procedure by installing the El Capitan operating system on a storage device that is blank. In this stage, you will have to create a bootable El Capitan installer, and then you will have to use it as a boot drive for your Mac. Next, run the Disk Utility and then erase your drive and continue with the El Capitan installation. These are the steps that you have to follow if you want to get the El Capitan on your device.


These are all facts that you have to know about El Capitan if you want to get it downloaded on your device. It is a simple procedure!