El Capitan Installer

El Capitan Installer is the 10.11 version of OS X for Macintosh devices. And we are sure that everyone is aware of the name. Yes, the Apple Company has decided to name this Mac OS X version as the famous El Capitan which is located in the Yosemite National Park. So talking about more, we must get to know the history of El Capitan Installer. It was initially released to the market as a beta version on July 2015. But after several beta versions, the Apple Company was finally able to release the official version of El Capitan to the iOS world on September 2015. This version has become an important breakthrough of the Mac OS X line. So this is just a small introduction to El Capitan Installer which is the main topic that we are talking throughout this content. So keep reading and learn more about El Capitan OS X.

El Capitan Installer

How to download El Capitan Installer?

In here, we are explaining you in the simplest way on how to get the El Capitan Installer on your Mac OS. But before downloading the OS X, please make sure to fulfill all the requirements it needs. And the requirements have been mentioned below in this article. After that you can follow this guidance on getting El Capitan Installer on your device.

Basically there are 2 ways you can get El Capitan download on your device. And in here we are just going to name them for you because you will find a complete description about these two methods later in this article.

  1. Download El Capitan with a bootable USB drive
  2. Download El Capitan from the App Store

    Upgrade Mac OS Version with El Capitan Installer while protecting your data

    The Apple Company has introduced two methods for El Capitan Installer. And one of them is downloading El Capitan Mac OS X from scratch while upgrading the current Mac OS version. This means the system will install El Capitan on Mac OS X device while protecting your Device data. Which means the data it had won’t be erased due the installation process of El Capitan. And that’s why we recommend you to choose this method. People often use this method because their device data will be the same and after El Capitan Installer process, your Mac device will run in smooth condition too.

    How to use El Capitan Installer for a clean install?

    So mainly there are two different methods that you can follow in order to use El Capitan Installer for a clean install. First one is clean install on empty volume and the other one is clean install on startup volume. So let’s get to know these methods more in detail.

    01) El Capitan Clean Install on Empty Volume with El Capitan Installer

    You might already get the idea of what is exactly this mean, but however we will explain it to you in a proper way. If you choose El Capitan Installer and clean install on empty volume, it means you must install the OS X on an empty volume. Or else a volume where it has few data or data that not important so they can be removed from your device in order to download the latest El Capitan Installer in it. It is very easy to install the OS X on an empty volume like this.

    02) El Capitan Clean Install on Startup Volume with El Capitan Installer

    As we said earlier, the above method is the easiest way from these two but yet most of the people choose the second method which is El Capitan Installer and clean install on startup volume. This method requires a bootable USB switch created by you such as pen drive/ flash drive/ memory stick etc. which has El Capitan Installer software. Many people install the new OS X over the existing startup volume so it gives you a clean OS. But as you are replacing the current startup drive then only you have to follow the above procedure.

    What is createinstallmedia?

    Createinstallmedia is a Unix program provided by the Apple Company which is hidden inside the OS X Mavericks. And they have specially made it to build a bootable installer driver. So createinstallmedia tool is very simple to use if you are used to or if you are comfortable with using Terminal. And there’s something you must know about this, and that is createinstallmedia is a tool that only works on Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion.

    System and hardware requirements for El Capitan installer

    In order to get El Capitan installer on your Mac device, first you need to fulfill the hardware requirements it needed. The below listed Mac devices are compatible with El Capitan installer. And these computers are capable of running this application if they they have at least 2GB or 8GB internal storage. So if you have it, you can continue to download El Capitan on your Mac device.

    • iMac – Mid 2007 or newer
    • MacBook Pro – Mid/ late 2007 or newer
    • MacBook Air – Late 2008 or newer
    • Mac Pro –Early 2008 or newer
    • Xserve – Early 2009
    • Mac mini – Early 2009 or newer
    • MacBook –Late 2008 Aluminum/ Early 2009 or newer
    • MacBook – Early 2015

    How to create El Capitan Installer with USB?

    The first thing you must do is insert the USB drive to the Mac PC/ laptop as it required and then you need to procedure with another internal volume to install the files. Then type “createinstallmedia” in the search bar and enter to open up the connection. Soon after that, the USB drive will be recognized by the system of the device. Then it will start the downloading procedure of El Capitan Installer to the USB drive.

    USB installer and El Capitan Installer in Apple Store

    If you want to download El Capitan on your Mac device, there are two basic methods available. And we have mentioned them earlier in the content but however here are those two methods,

    1. El Capitan download from the App Store
    2. El Capitan download with USB drive

    So now let’s get to know about these methods in more proper way. So it will be easier for you to choose the most appropriate method for your device. Here are the downloading procedures of them.

    01) El Capitan Installer from the App Store

    • First of all open the El Capitan Installer page on the App Store
    • Go to the download page and then click the “Download” button. After that OS X El Capitan file will be downloaded on your Mac device Application folder
    • Once it is downloaded, El Capitan will be opened automatically
    • Finally, what you have to do is click on “continue” and follow the instructions that appears in the screen

    02) El Capitan Installer with USB drive

    • Connect the USB driver in to your Mac computer
    • Go to Applications – Utilities and then launch the terminal
    • Now you have to type a specific command then copy and paste it in the terminal
    • Then it will perform the createinstallmedia command on your device
    • It will take few minutes to complete the command
    • Soon after it completes, your device will prompt as “Done” which means now you can quit the terminal

    FAQ s

    Q. What is the best method to install El Capitan?

    Actually there are two types of installing El Capitan on your Mac device and those are,

    • Clean install on empty volume
    • Clean install on startup volume

    But the best method that we recommend you is the first one. Which is El Capitan clean install on empty volume. The reasons are, firstly it is the easiest way. Because you can execute the clean installation while booted from the existing startup volume. Since it is not involved so it doesn’t require any customized startup environment. You can simply get El Capitan Installer in an empty volume. So the best method is “Clean install on empty volume”

    Q. How to save previous data when upgrading the OS X?

    If you are upgrading the Mac OS X version, and you need to protect the data it has, then you must choose the method called “El Capitan Installer Mac OS X from scratch, while upgrading the current Mac OS” this method will install El Capitan without erasing or harming your device data. Which means the data on your Mac OS will not be removed unless you choose the other method.

    Q. Is it secure to install El Capitan without Apple Store?

    Yes. There’s no big difference of El Capitan Installer with Apple Store or even with a help of USB flash drive. These are the two methods that Apple Company has introduced. If you decide to install El Capitan with a USB drive, that doesn’t mean your device is not safe. So there’s no need to be worried. You can use both of these methods to install El Capitan on your device.