Mac OS High Sierra Download

macOS high Sierra download beta version released in the WWDC on 5th of June 2017. After the macOS Sierra, the macOS High Sierra got a number of technical specifications that change the Mac Operating System significantly than previous versions. The changes included in computer graphics, computer file system, photos, videos, navigation, Safari browsing, Siri, iCloud, Apple pay and etc.

A quick guide to install macOS High Sierra.

You need to have complete knowledge on upgrading or re-installing the macOS on an Apple Mac computer. First, you need to have a backup on your all files that included in the device you are going to install the macOS High Sierra. If you are alright with erasing all data on your device, you do not need to keep any backup. But if you need your all data that stored in previous Mac computer, it is a must to keep all the data in a backed up storage.

How to install macOS High Sierra download

You can install the macOS High Sierra download with two installation methods. You can choose one method out of two which is most appropriate for you.

Upgrade macOS High Sierra with Apple Mac Store

Simply you can upgrade your existing Mac OS to macOS High Sierra

  1. Sign in to the Mac Apps store from the Mac Aps store icon by finding through the finder.
  2. Then search for the macOS High Sierra form the search bar of the Mac Apps store. After you find the link, just click on it. If you did not sign into the Apple Mac Store you need to login with your Apple ID username and password before macOS High Sierra download.
  3. Download the ISO or DMG file for a drive which has more than 5GB of space on your computer. Because the macOS High Sierra download file is around 4.5GB to 5GB of size.
  4. As soon as the download completed, you will be asking to install the new macOS High Sierra on your Mac computer by an automatically opened window. Just click on it and proceed to the download process.

Also you can open the installer from Applications folder, Spotlight or Launchpad.

Note: - make sure you have a backup of your previous OS data as I mentioned above. If you do not need to install the macOS High Sierra, skip the installation process and keep the macOS High Sierra download file for future installations.

System requirements

Requires at least 2GB memory.

Minimum 8.8GB of storage

Or you can install the macOS Sierra on the OS X version mentioned below.

OS X El Capitan 10.11, OS X Yosemite 10.10, OS X Mavericks 10.9, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, OS X Lion 10.7.

Compatible devices

What’s new on macOS High Sierra


The High Sierra comes with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC – H.265) to compete the trend of 4K video.

Metal 2 Graphics

Metal 2 graphics is a technology made for macOS to improve the usability of the GPU in Mac Computers. Metal 2 powers you when you are gaming, software developing, using professional applications and also for virtual reality technology.

Virtual Reality

The new macOS High Sierra download makes huge experience with virtual reality technology through the iMac Retina 5K display and the iMac pro 2017. You can create your best experience on VR with Final Cut Pro X, SteamVR, Epic Unreal 4 Editor and Unity editor.

File system

HFS Plus is the replaced by the APFS (Apple File System) as the default file system of macOS High Sierra Download.