Mac OS Sierra download

Mac OS Sierra download released as a free upgrade to the Apple Mac users on 20th September 2016.  The Mac OS Sierra is the latest Mac OS version up to now, and millions of Mac users are using the Mac OS Sierra while I’m writing this article. The Mac OS Sierra download version made a number of changes in Mac OS history, especially this is the first release of Mc OS under the brand name macOS.

Versions of Mac OS Sierra download

What's new on Mac OS Sierra download?

Fastest hotspot

You can use the iPhone’s hotspot for your Mac PC in a second by selecting your iPhone from the Wi-Fi menu. When you select the iPhone from the Wi-Fi menu, it will automatically turn on the Wi – Fi and when you stopped the using browser it will be automatically turned off. Again you need to use the internet and there is no any Wi – Fi, you will be asked to open the hotspot with Mac OS Sierra.


The Handoff is a feature that allows users to do the same work on two iOS or Mac devices. The Mac OS Sierra download already comes with the Handoff feature. When you are typing text document on your Mac and you need to finish it in your iPad, the handoff feature allows doing that. You can work on the same application with two iOS or Mac devices.

The clipboard

The Mac OS Sierra clipboard allows you to copy and paste files between two iDevices based on iOS or Mac. Simply you can copy an image from your iPhone and paste it into your Mac PC.


The AirDrop feature allows you to share files between Mac and iOS devices. You can send a file from Mac to Mac or Mac to iOS. Imagine that you need to send a presentation when you are in a meeting. You do not need to do it through a Wi – Fi network. Just use the AirDrop and share any file between devices.

What can you do with the iPhone and the Mac OS Sierra?

You can use the Mac PC which is running the macOS Sierra to take calls and receive calls even your iPhone on your backpack. Even you do not need to touch your iPhone. Also, the Mac keep the contact numbers with images and when you are calling or when you are receiving calls, the system shows notification on the desktop and playing the ringtone.

And also the Mac OS Sierra provides facilities for send and receive text messages through the Mac PC.

How to Mac OS Sierra download and upgrade?

First of all, you need to see the system requirements for the Mac OS Sierra. Mac computers 2009 or later can upgrade to the macOS Sierra. Also, see the general system requirements.

2 GM memory

8.8 GB storage

OS X 10.7.5 or later.

Compatible Mac devices

Mac OS Sierra download

You can download the Mac OS Sierra from the Apple Mac Apps store or any other resource. After you download the Mac OS Sierra, you can start the installation process.

Before installing the Mac OS Sierra, remember to keep a backup of your file and folder. You can use any software application for backup your Mac PC. If you are willing to use the Time Machine backup please read the complete guide.

Install the Mac OS Sierra download using a bootable USB drive.

You can create a bootable disk for install the Mac OS Sierra. Please use the Apple official website to find the information about creating a bootable disk. After you create the bootable disk with the Mac OS Sierra download file, you can use two methods for install the OS.

Clean install on the Startup Volume

You can install the Mac OS Sierra on the existing startup volume. Here you must keep a backup of your previous OS data. Otherwise, you are not able to use those data on the new Mac OS.

Install Mac OS on empty volume.

You can install the Mac OS Sierra download on an empty volume. You do not need to keep a backup of your previous OS because you are installing the Mac OS on an empty volume.