What is Swift programming?

Swift language programming is a newly released programming language introduced by the Apple Inc. It first appeared in 2014. This programming language a multi-paradigm licensed language which is mainly used to develop and write software in apple productions. Swift language is fast, modern and it is designed for safety and it also has a remarkable level of interactive which other platforms has never been used. It is faster than objective C. and the RC4 encryption level is utterly high compared to objective C.  Also swift has modern features like multiple return types, generics, namespace etc. swift programming has reduced the content and easily understandable way to write the code. Swift can be used to develop a simple social media app to the range of a high-performance 3D gaming app.

Swift Language

Swift language is completely native to Cocoa and Cocoa touch software frameworks. And it is built with the same LLVM compiler. And also the same optimizer and the auto-vectorizer which objective C use.  And it also has the same ARC memory management model and the same runtime too.  This is why Swift programming can fit right alongside with the objective C and the C code in the same application. The “playground” is the feature which is used to increase the dynamism level of interactive inside the platform.

Why is Swift language programming needed to learn?

If you`re willing to become a software developer it is highly recognizable if you go learn Swift programming. Because more than objective C, Swift programming has been included high features and a much easier way to develop. And also if you’re willing to be an I-application developer more than objective C, Swift programming is needed. And if you`re already a software developer learning the newest language will increase your wide range of developing. And you do not need to spend more time and resources to learn Swift. It is easily understood and if you’re already proficient in objective C you are already capable of developing using Swift language.

Swift language is a newly introduced programming language which turned the software developing field to look into another side and which made a new era of development.

Swift 3

The Swift 3 is the first major release of Swift language which created a huge change in the programming history.

Swift 4

Swift 4 is the latest version of Swift language which is able to write programs for macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Swift 4 is totally compatible with the Swift 3 which was the previous version of the Swift. The latest version of Swift language delivering serialization, smart key paths, getting involved with the standard library with new features and etc.

Swift playgrounds.

Swift playgrounds are the applications which are using for write and execute Swift codes. The playgrounds are runs on macOS, Mac PCs, iPads and also on the web with third party cloud systems. You can use any of the playgrounds for write and execute Swift and make sure the written code is working on the order.

Swift language brief technical guide

Swift is making easy to write programs, makes the control flexible and also easy maintain. It reduces mistakes when coding which is useful to efficient memory management. The memory management is doing by the Swift automatically, so the programmer does not need to concern it especially. The API of Swift is quickly manageable with the Objective-C syntax

The Swift is generics, has strong error handling, has a keyword for advanced handling, multiple return values, has methods, protocols, extensions and etc.

Among other languages which are based on the C language, the Swift language is more secure for coding. Initialing variables, automated memory management, checking integer and arrays and simple keywords for variables and constants, use the nil keyword for show compile errors and etc are some of the security specifications on the Swift language.

The Swift is compatible with a number of platforms for programming including macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, mobile devices and etc. The swift playgrounds allow programmers to code through iPad with executing codes. But it doesn’t require professional knowledge of Swift programming. So, the Swift playgrounds playing a major role for students who are willing to get involved with Swift as beginners.

Swift for robotics and drones.

Recently the Swift made its functionalities for program robots and drones. Swift can handle devices like LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, Sphero SPRK+, Parrot’s Mambo drones, Rolling Spider drones and Airborne drones, UBTECH’s Jimu Robot.

What is X-code?

X code is a software development toolset which used to develop all the applications in Apple productions, for example, the Mac, IOS, I-watch and for the other  I-products. And this is one of the most popular pro apps on apple production platform.  This was firstly released in 2003 and this tool set is written in C, C++, object C etc .x code is a freeware and it comes with open source components.  The latest version of the x code was downloaded fourteen million times.  The latest version was special because the centre of the development was the programming language which was used to write the x code. And it was introduced in 2014.  The newest version of X code was written in the swift programming language.

How to install the X – code on Macintosh computer.

The X – code is available for free of charge on the Mac Apps Store. Please follow the steps below for downloading the X – code latest version.

  1. Open the terminal and type the code Xcode-select –install
  2. The system may pop up a window for requiring permission for install the X – code. Click the Install button to proceed the installation process.
  3. After you complete the step two, another window will appear on the screen for ask to accept the license agreement. Please agree for continue the installation.
  4. The system will download the files for install the X – code on your computer. A window will pop up showing complete the download process when all files are downloaded and installed.

Note: - the updates may notify by the system automatically when the X – code needs an upgrade.